Sole Purpose's drama is far more effective and powerful than any awareness session we have delivered. The capacity of good theatre to engage people in a story and to empathise with victims is tremendous and we were very pleased with the outcome of the performances.

Niamh Wilson, Domestic Violence Advocacy Service

The fact that performances have been provided without financial remuneration has enabled the college to use an excellent and very effective resource for learning. I have found it beneficial to have developed relationships with Sole Purpose and this is made much easier by the very professional and organised approach which I have experienced in my partnership with the company

John McQuaide, Co-ordinator of Health and Social Care, North West Regional College.

I found the play very moving and thought provoking. People coming out of it were very touched by it. Congratulations on a drama that raises such an important issue and deals with it in a very subtle but powerful way.

Hilary Sidwell, Equality and Human Rights Manager, Western Health and Social Care Trust

Sole Purpose should be commended for bringing what are often challenging and topical issues to the stage.

Gilly Campbell, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

The work of Sole Purpose has had a great effect in communicating, through theatre, issues of great importance across our community, I was most impressed by the production of Don't Say A Word which I attended, and which proved to be the catalyst for very important dialogue on the issue of domestic violence.

Baroness Nuala O Loan, DBE

Don't Say A Word demands a virtuoso performance from Patricia Byrne. The narrative is skillfully paced. It is an act of testimony, a narrative of survival, a source of hope.

Dr Bill McDonnell, Social Impact Study of UK Theatre.

A valuable, thought provoking play which both captivates and inspires. A useful addition into the school programme which engenders creative thinking about climate change.

Liz Wallace, Assistant Advisory Officer, Western Education and Library Board.

This project would never have come about without the professional and perfectionist attitude of the artistic manager of Sole Purpose Productions and the producer of this play, Patricia Byrne. Patricia worked on every little details as for inviting me and making the best of my visit and producing the play. I shall treasure it for a very long time.

Orna Akad, writer of Clouds on a Mountain Road

This production was very professionally run. There was a committed cast and team. It was exceptionally empowering for all concerned. Really challenging and ultimately successful.

David McCartney, Foyle Centre Rainbow Project

Using drama to raise issues relating to teenagers is so important. This wasn't teachers banging on about drinking. The play removed the authority label, brought it down to everyone's level, raised the issues and the workshops were absolutely vital to drive the message home in a relaxed way. Absolutely fabulous.

Judith Norris, Head of Drama, Lisneal College.

An outstanding performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in the audience. The script and performance struck home with the children in a way that was entertaining, educational and above all believable. Schools need more work of this quality.

Damien Clarke, St Patricks College, Maghera.

A fantastic production that deals professionally and sensitively with serious social issues. Well done!

Mary-Claire McDaid, St Ciaran's College, Ballygawley

We're hoping that the drama made them think and the workshops made them think further – If this stops one child from abusing themselves with alcohol then; 'job well done'

Judith Norris, Drama, Lisneal College (AWT)

The play was such a hard hitting performance and was very relevant to the every day lives of so many young people in Northern Ireland today.

Leona McGee, Fermanagh Community Safety Partnership 

It was very well suited to the age range. Its message was clear. The acting was totally believable and it allowed young people to hear that the issues raised are ones which concern all of us who are involved in looking after them.

John Harkin, Vice Principal, Oakgrove Integrated College

Once again Sole Purpose has brought to a young audience a piece of theatre to make them think. This production imparts a message without preaching and communicates through a medium which the audience enjoys. In an age of digital technology, it is a rare treat to have such a live performance brought to your school hall.

John Harkin, Vice Principal, Oakgrove Integrated College


Bringing professional theatre to communities

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