Sole Purpose Productions is a multi award winning theatre company set up in 1997 to use the discourse of imagination to investigate and illuminate social and public issues. We produce new dynamic theatre that contributes to social change, explores the dynamics of human relationships and promotes good relations. We bring art to the heart of the social, economic and creative life of communities locally, nationally and internationally.

We bring professional theatre on contemporary and relevant issues to marginalised and hard to reach communities as well as mainstream theatre audiences. We value imagination, creativity, participation, access and inclusion. We aim to engage in cultural productions in the widest sense, continually expanding our artistic horizons.

"Sole Purpose Productions has earned an almost peerless reputation in Northern Ireland for producing dynamic and challenging theatre that is unafraid to confront the most challenging issues of our times. Domestic violence, abuse of the elderly, addiction, human trafficking, gender politics, mental health - all heavyweight material that has been tackled with the deftest of touches.  Theirs is the kind of art that helps us to understand the world around us, asks us to walk in another person’s shoes, compels us to confront our prejudices and preconceptions. This is theatre with a strong sense of social responsibility, which resonates beyond mainstream theatre audiences to the heart of the local community. As principal funder for the past two decades, the Arts Council is proud to be associated with Sole Purpose’s achievement of creating high-quality, socially-engaged, professional theatre."

Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Bringing professional theatre to communities

Sole Purpose is a company limited by guarantee, registration number NI37481 and is recognised by the Inland Revenue as a charity, reference number NIC100618