Sole Purpose is a not for profit, charitable organisation run by a tiny but dedicated core team. Our programme of work is only made possible by the kind support of grant giving organisations, sponsors and donations from the public. We are determined to continue providing high quality theatre to marginalised communities at little or no cost to them. We believe that theatre should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background or circumstances.

You could be an organisation who is interested in supporting us through financial or in-kind donations – perhaps you are a vehicle hire company that we could use for touring, or manage a venue we could use for rehearsals – or through sponsorship. Or you could be an individual who would like to make a donation, however small. If so, please contact us and we will be delighted to speak to you.

The fact that performances have been provided without financial remuneration has enabled the college to use an excellent and very effective resource for learning. I have found it beneficial to have developed relationships with Sole Purpose and this is made much easier by the very professional and organised approach which I have experiences in my partnership with the company.

John McQuaide, Co-ordinator of Health and Social Care, North West Regional College.

Bringing professional theatre to communities

Sole Purpose is a company limited by guarantee, registration number NI37481 and is recognised by the Inland Revenue as a charity, reference number NIC100618