Past Production

Life and Love: Lesbian Style (2014)

by Hilary McCollum
Produced and directed by Patricia Byrne

Life and Love: Lesbian Style by Hilary McCollum is an award winning, fast paced and wildly entertaining play from Sole Purpose Productions, based on true stories collected from lesbian and bi women of all ages in Northern Ireland and England.

Sassy and moving, funny and frank, it's a brilliant queer take on The Vagina Monologues that will have you laughing and crying in equal measures.

Cast and crew

Performed by Abby Oliveira, Mel Bradley, Claire Dooher and Michelle Wiggins
Crew: Lenny Nelson, Noel Hamilton

Tour dates

  • August 28 2015 at The Derry Playhouse for Foyle Pride
  • November 8 2014 at The Derry Playhouse for the Women of the World Festival
  • July 31 2014 at The Black Box Belfast for Belfast Pride
  • May 8 - 17 2014 at The Dublin International Theatre Festival


If you don't go to anything else in the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, go to Sole Purpose Productions' Lesbian Style by Hilary McCollum! If you never go to the theatre again, go to this. If you want a tightly scripted hour long roller coaster of rip-roaring Derry Dyke wit, through poignant moments, gritty truths and a beautifully uplifting celebration of love and women, go to this!

Shane O'Curry

This play from Derry does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s about lesbians and it’s got style. Sole Purpose Productions presents verbatim theatre with the voices, tears, laughter and integrity of the interviewed women, sensitively collated by writer Hilary McCollum into a captivating weave of women's loves today. This is a powerful diverse ensemble of gutsy women whose respectful empathy for their diverse subjects shines through in what is a celebratory revelation of lesbian life and love.

Review from The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

Lesbian Style runs the full gamut of real Irish lesbian experience, with a refreshing warmth and openness that skillfully handles both the tough realities of lesbophobia and the giddy highs of dyke love and queer power. Wonderful stuff, way overdue.

Ruth McCarthy, Director, Outburst Queer Arts Festival


Winner of the Eva Gore Booth Award at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Image by Gav Connolly

Image by Gav Connolly