Past Production

Did You Come By Boat? (2010)

by Elly Omondi Odhiambo and Patricia Byrne
Produced and directed by Patricia Byrne

Performed by

Gemma Walker, Abby Oliveira, Shuggar Andela

Production team

Debbie Caulfield, Helen Quigley, Lenny Nelson, Martin McDonald, Thady Byrne, Shauna Kelpie, Rachel Naylor

Akinyi and Okech came to Northern Ireland for different reasons. They have a mutual friend Maoliosa who has a mixed community background. Akinyi believes that her mother died in the political turmoil back home. Okech has built a successful business and wants to employ only immigrants. Maoliosa has a lot to say about the last forty years. This new production revolves around the mountains people have to climb to become visible in their new home, a foreign country. It explores some of the new cultural issues that the indigenous people of NOrthern Ireland meet in a growing multicultural society that is emerging from a painful past.

It is important that arts continue to be used as a means to reaching audiences with difficult community relations issues like racism and sectarianism. Creative approaches, like this one, which are genuine about trying to tackle difficult issues and reach new audiences have a real potential to change mindsets and make people think."

Sue Divin, Derry City Council Community Relations Officer