Snow White – The Remix (2002)

Written and directed by Patricia Byrne

Performed by

Joe Duggan, Tony Doherty, Caoimhe Farren, Ellen Factor, Matt Jennings, Reaca Pearl, Karen McLaughlin, Miroki Tong, Réa Curran, Tara Vij, Darren Greer, Melvin Flores

Production Team

Helen Quigley, Francis Harkin, Jim Keys, Martin McDonald, Shauna Kelpie, Vanessa Chapman, Nikke Dunne

Snow White is banished from the palace because the Queen has been told by the talking mirror that Snow White is more beautiful. Snow White encounters a strange apparition in the forest and learns that the mirror is evil. She embarks on a mission to destroy the mirror and rescue the Queen from self-destruction. This adaptation of Snow White is full of humour, wacky characters, catchy tunes and dynamic dancing.

Snow White – The Remix is an alternative family pantomime which tackles the theme of the beauty industries and their effect on the self image and self esteem of girls and young women.

Snow White: The Remix kept the beauty of the original story and combined it with strong performances from a diverse and talented cast who were not afraid to confront and engage audiences of all ages. The performance was extremely well received, from children as young as four and grandmothers as old as ninety. That is quite an achievement.

Christable Williamson, Arts Officer, Castlereagh Borough Council.