Scenes from an Inquiry (2002)

Written and directed by Dave Duggan
Produced by Sole Purpose Productions

Performed by

Sarah Wray, Jackie Duddy, Caoimhe Farren

Production team

Jan Vaclav Caspers

Scenes From An Inquiry was produced in January 2002 to mark the 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. The play provides an opportunity for audiences to gain some insight into the experience of attending the Saville Inquiry.

It offered a sensitive and timely reflection on The Saville Inquiry. The production was undertaken in partnership with the Bloody Sunday families and the Bloody Sunday Trust. It was performed by members of the families of Bloody Sunday in The Derry Playhouse during January and February 2002. The work was presented through dialogue, song and a shadow film by Jan Vaclav Caspers. Dave Duggan subsequently wrote a radio drama version, which was broadcast on RTE Radio 1.