Don't Say A Word (2004)

Written, produced and performed by Patricia Byrne
Directed by Shauna Kelpie

Production Team

Debbie Caulfield, Barry McDonald, Helen Quigley, Lenny Nelson, Martin McDonald, Jan Vaclav Caspers, Jim Keys, Andrew Orr, Malcolm Granville

Pauline has most definately met the perfect man, or has she? This What happens when happy ever after becomes a nightmare?
This highly successful one woman play on the subject of domestic violence, is written, produced and performed by Patricia Byrne. It was developed in consultation with Foyle Womens Aid, The Probation Board of Northern Ireland and the PSNI Domestic Violence Unit.

Don't Say A Word was exceptional, the performance was powerful, moving and engaged the audience fully. In the workshops, women talked openly about the need for change within the Traveller community in attitudes towards violence. This is a breakthrough.

Emma Jane Hoey, National Traveller Women's Forum.