Clouds on a Mountain Road (2008)

Written by Orna Akad
Produced by Patricia Byrne
Directed by Shauna Kelpie


Abby Oliveira and Carmel McCafferty

Production Team

Debbie Caulfield, Helen Quigley, Martin McDonald

Clouds on a Mountain Road by Orna Akad, dramatises the meeting between an internationally acclaimed Palestinian poet, Fadwa Tuqan, and a younger political ex-prisoner and militant, Inshirah Shiti. The two women review their options, given their personal and public histories and outline the reasons for doing what they did. The role of women in creating political change in the face of great violence is at the heart of the play.

Carmel McCafferty and Abby Oliveira's performances were outstanding. They painted the stage magnificently with both their diction and passionate performances. A courageous and emotive piece. It's too long since I have been that moved.

Karen McMillan, Human Rights Barrister.