AH 6905 (2005)

Written by Dave Duggan
Produced by Jonathan Burgess

Performed by

Darren Greer

Production team

Andrew Orr, Rose Walker, Mark Hinds,

Daniel is alone in a room at the end of a hospital ward. It is the night before he undergoes a major procedure. Tomorrow, he will have the truth cut out of him. The truth of all the death and violence between 1969 and 2005. Will he go through with it?

Part rant, part hospital visit, part ghostly visitation, AH 6905, a one man one act play, weaves argument, hospital banter and poetry into a searching dramatisation of what truth recovery in a society coming out of conflict might actually mean.

Dave Duggan’s script is full of interesting ideas about the dangerous legacies of our national history, and there is much to admire in Darren Greer’s versatile performance, as he shares his fears about an impending operation, which will excise the trauma of the Troubles from his body where it has been festering for 30 years.

The Irish Times, Dublin Fringe Reviews, 2006